Turn away, and take your journey….

“You have long enough stayed at this mountain. Turn away, and take your journey . . .” (Deut 1:6–7)
“The mountain we’re talking about is Mount Sinai, scene of the most monumental event in human history: G‑d’s revelation of His wisdom and will to man. Still, G‑d says: “You’ve been hanging around this mountain long enough. Move on!”
In our lives we also have moments, days or years of revelation, times when we learn and grow and are enriched. But the purpose must always be to move on, move away, and carry the enlightenment and enrichment to someplace else—some corner of creation that awaits redemption.”
(The Lubavitcher Rebbe)
LamoniHouseWe’ve been doing a lot of Scripture study this year.  Growing in our faith like we never thought was possible.  We don’t follow the Torah portions but today I had an urge to look it up online.  What a beautiful gift to find God talking to us through the study.
This week’s Torah portion/Bible verses are Deut 1:1-3:22. When I studied this portion today I found the above quoted love note from God. Our family is moving to southern Iowa this week. A move we feel was led by God. For this study portion to fall on the same week as we move is very cool.  Confirmation that our Father is intimately involved in our lives. A loving parental nudge into this new adventure.
Reading on into the study this was the beautiful and fitting ending of the message God gave us on our first “Shabbat of Vision”:

“Each year, on the Shabbat before Tish’ah B’Av, we are shown a vision of our world as a divine home — a place where all G-d’s creatures will experience His presence. But this is also a vision of a G-dly “garment” — the distinctly personal relationship with G-d, particularly suited to our individual character and aspirations, that we will each enjoy when the third divine Temple descends to earth.” (Chabad.org)

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