My PureWash

We love our PureWash!  We no longer use detergent on our clothes and it even gets the food oils out of our shirts.  No more ammonia in our cloth diapers or musty towel smells!  We save even more money because it only uses cold water.  No energy to heat the water!  With a really poopy load of diapers or diapers that have been in the pail for 3-4 days I will use a tiny bit of detergent and wash twice.  I hope this helps give you another option for washing your diapers.

We purchased our PureWash on Amazon in January 2012 for $399.95 with free shipping from The Green Giraffe. There is another similar product on the market called a LaundryPure. While I do not have personal experience with the LP, Heidi Mills from The Unorganized Woman posted a video of her system in March. The Laundry Pure on Amazon is not the latest version so I would strongly recommend you talk to Heidi if you choose the LaundryPure. She’s a local KC mama too!


My PureWash — 7 Comments

  1. I am so glad you like this! Hopeing to buy one with a Christmas Bonus!

  2. Sooo Cool. How is it working on the kid’s super messy (food & blood) outfits? We are having stink issues with cleaning rags and kitchen towels; our washer is in the basement now and w/o a timer, I forget it down there more time than I like to admit. This is something to look into!

    • It’s washing out the food oils and Jaxon’s bloodstains from bloody noses. I’m not sure on Vaylee’s clothes since I’m not big on bibs. I’m not sure which stains are from before the PureWash. I definitely think those stains are even better though

  3. Wow, that is super fascinating and intriguing! I had no idea about the Pure Wash or anything like it before seeing this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is amazing technology, loving that they finally have it for home use. I’m so exited to get one. It looks like the EcoWash is the same technology and performs the same (and is cheaper – yay!). Do you know anything about the ecowash vs purewash? They even look almost the same…
    Here is the website I found:

  5. Hi Brookie. Love reading this and other success stories about the PureWash. My company, Smart Home Products, sells these for $297 with free shipping. If you ever need tech support, or help in any way, or know anyone that wants to join the PureWash family, let me know. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and God Bless!