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Pregnancy Must Haves

I am now more than 30 weeks pregnant. Birth is just around the corner and I’m at the point in pregnancy where there are certain things that are a MUST!

#1) I have a very tender spot on my belly right above my belly button where all the muscles connect. This spot has always been a favorite target for baby’s little feet or knees. On long days my belly gets tired and this spot’s tenderness can be overwhelming. So what do I do on the long days? I wear a belly band. The gentle support that it gives me is night and day. An added benefit is lower back pain relief as well. Not to mention that it’s great for that lower belly gap between your shirt and pants when you get ginormous but don’t want to buy anymore maternity clothes because your baby is almost here.

#2) My copper ring. One of those midwives tales that I didn’t put much merit in. Well I was SO wrong! I am pregnant with my fourth baby. My first son honored my belly with an artistic set of stripes. My second son added one mark to that high up on my belly. My first daughter didn’t add any stretch marks. And at 30 weeks this baby added 3 stretch marks. That belly still has 10 more weeks to grow! The difference? It’s not weight, it’s not how big my belly is. It has to do with the elasticity of my skin. Why didn’t I get any stretch marks with my daughter? I wore a copper ring. The pure copper that leaves the ugly green mark around my finger. The body absorbs the copper which greatly helps with the elasticity of the skin. Needless to say I dug through my jewelry box and found my copper ring. Two weeks later and no new stretch marks although my belly has grown. I’m a believer. (Not the magnetic copper.)

#3) The combination of relaxin, a growing uterus, and the odd distribution of weight when pregnant, your muscles and bones go through a lot. My first three pregnancies I visited my chiropractor, Dr. Zak, throughout. This time I’ve been so busy that I didn’t make time. Big mistake. My whole second trimester and the beginning of the third trimester I felt like an old lady. I chalked it up to four kids in five and a half years. My pelvic bones have really been hurting me which makes you waddle. Turning over in bed is quite the ordeal when you have pelvic pain. I went to see Dr. Jill last week and the difference has been incredible. I saw her again yesterday. Chiropractic is also very important during pregnancy for baby’s positioning and for body health in preparation for birthing.

#4) Personal me time is not a priority. With three kids, household tasks, and work it’s hard to put yourself first. Lets look at the alternative though. Mom is so exhausted and spent that all she wants to do is rest. The solution? Take one to two hours three times a week to strengthen your body. Prenatal yoga gently helps your body regain it’s strength and energy. It’s amazing. I went to a class two days ago and had so much energy afterward and yesterday. It’s blowing my mind. I plan to go to class Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays until this baby comes. A healthy, energized mama is so much better than having a mama who wishes she were on bedrest because her body is exhausted.

#5) A thick fluffy pillow between my legs at night. It’s amazing the difference of the quality of sleep I get. I’m less restless, and don’t wake up with extreme pelvic pain in the morning. I also love my pile of pillows that I sleep on. I get pretty bad acid reflux as my belly gets bigger. The reclining, comfortable position that my pillows create allow me to get the much needed sleep that my body needs.

#6) A couple good pairs of maternity jeans are lovely to have as well. I just bought a new pair for $22 that are stylish and fit great! Feeling confident in what I’m wearing helps my self-esteem and brightens the day.

#7) As a working mom it’s hard to find time to get to the grocery store. Walking the aisles and having strangers make comments is something I could do without as well. “No really I don’t look like I’m about to pop, I still have ten more weeks thank you very much!” I’d much rather walk with Baby Boot Camp or exercise with my prenatal yoga class to stretch my legs. A lifesaver has been ordering online and having my groceries delivered to my door! And I love supporting local farmers while feeding my family all-natural food. A healthy diet is essential for baby’s development and important for pregnant and an easier birthing.

These 7 things are MUST haves for me. When you are well rested, have more energy, healthy skin, a supported belly, aligned structure, healthy diet, and a flattering outfit your whole day is brighter. Trust me, I’ve experienced it with and without. I wasn’t doing these things while I was less pregnant and I felt awful. Now I’m doing them, I’m more pregnant than I was, and I feel great. I’m shaking my head at myself. Wondering how I forgot these secrets and so happy that I did something to change. I have the energy to finish this pregnancy healthy and happy. Next stop, my favorite part, a gentle and beautiful birth!

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Nurturing Education from Home

We decided to nurture our children’s education from home for several reasons.  Each child learns at their own level and pace.  Sometimes they are interested in a topic that, if explored when interested, blooms into an education that is retained and useful.  When forced to study a subject reluctantly, not only do they fight against learning, they most likely don’t retain it for the future.

From personal experience as an adult I’ve seen that I study and investigate subjects that I’m interested in. I retain that information and can recall it easily.  I build my own opinions and convictions for my beliefs in what I’ve learned.  I remember sitting in school, irritated at a subject, frustrated that I was being forced to learn about it, especially since I would never use it in life.  Why was I being forced to learn something so irrelevant?

Not only do public/private schools not allow children to learn at their own pace, they strive to limit their abilities.  The school system is designed to dumb down our children.  To limit their potential and keep them from being top of their industry.  In fact the reason that schooling lasts until you are 21 is so that by the time you figure out what you want to be the fire of youth is gone.  The youthful fire that was the drive for historical men like George Washington, Thomas Edison, and .  Standardized tests have become less and less complicated.  And yet the scores of American graduates have continually declined.  The literacy rates in America have drastically declined since the first world war.  Schools are meant to keep the working class in a mentality to continue being the working class.  So make sure that industry has the workers needed for huge corporate America.  The free democrat society that we think we have is actually controlled by a limited elite that train us as employees from kindergarten to bachelors.

Kevin and I are entrepreneurs.  We are paving the way in our own lives.  It’s hard work and we make mistakes.  But we know that we control our own destiny.  We hope to give our children that freedom.  To allow them to choose any path, and know that they can be the best at whatever they choose.  This blog is to help keep record of our daily activities and experiences.  To watch as our children grow and learn each day.

Suggested Reading: The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto

Placenta Encapsulation Fights Baby Blues

All new mothers face a range of emotions with the birth of their babies. Mood swings and crying spells are common but fade quickly. Some women face more than the common baby blues. Postpartum depression and the even more severe postpartum psychosis have gained headlines in the last decade. From celebrity opinions to sad accounts of infant and maternal deaths, the media has brought this to societies attention.

  • Baby Blues lasts a few days to a few weeks with symptoms of mood swings, anxiety, sadness, irritability, crying, decreased concentration, and trouble sleeping.
  • Postpartum Depression can disguise itself as baby blues but the symptoms are longer lasting and more intense. Loss of appetite, insomnia, intense irritability and anger, overwhelming fatigue, loss of interest in sex, lack of joy, shame/guilt/inadequacy, severe mood swings, difficulty with bonding, withdrawal from loved ones, thoughts of harming herself or her baby.
  • Postpartum Psychosis symptoms are more severe and typically develop within the first two weeks of birth. Mother shows confusion, disorientation, hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, attempts to harm herself or the baby.
  • Treatment

    Counseling, antidepressants, and hormone therapy are common treatments for postpartum depression. Postpartum psychosis requires hospitalization and antidepressants, anti-psychotic medications and/or mood stabilizers. Medications offer their own range of side affects and health concerns. Medications and separation can greatly challenge a mothers ability to breastfeed as well.

    Keeping active, setting realistic expectations on yourself, taking time for yourself, and avoiding isolation are some things that a mother can do to take care of herself and speed up recovery. Vitamin supplements such a Vitamin B Complex can help to balance mood swings and give a new mother energy. There is also an ancient remedy that has been used in nature since the beginning of time. Consuming the placenta helps balance a mother’s hormone levels postpartum.

    The six weeks following birth, mothers have low levels of corticotropin-releasing hormone(CRH). Cortisol raises blood sugar levels and maintains normal blood pressure, which helps us perform well under stress. The Cortisol hormone helps combat depression. With low levels of CRH postpartum, mothers face the overload of emotions and stress of having a new baby without the hormones necessary to cope.

    During the last several months of pregnancy the placenta releases high levels of CRH. After the placenta is gone the body is delayed in being able to regulate normal production levels of CRH. The placenta post birth is full of this hormone. Placenta encapsulation allows women to utilize this natural resource and continue to use it’s properties to balance hormones postpartum.

    “The placenta can be dried, ground, and encapsulated. The capsules can then be taken daily for a number of weeks. You reap all of the healthful benefits of placenta quickly, easily and discreetly, and the capsules will last indefinitely (for years). When you have recovered from childbirth, you can freeze the capsules and save them for menopause.” –placentabenefits.info

    PlacentaBenefits.info is a great online resource for information on the baby blues, the benefits of placenta encapsulation, and resources for finding professionals in your area. With professionals across the country many mothers are finding relief from symptoms of the baby blues and postpartum depression. http://placentabenefits.info/

    For the Kansas City area Lilly Mason is the professional getting fantastic referrals from local mamas.

    Placenta Encapsulating Testimonials

    “Having experienced the ‘baby blues’ with the first births, it was so great to be able to simply enjoy my brand new baby and my other sweet girls without the negative feelings of anger, paranoia, and desperation. New moms don’t need to suffer with that now that this wonderful service is being offered!” -Sarah

    “I noticed a change the first day I started taking them. At first I thought, well, maybe I just feel so good because I expect to, but I noticed a difference depending on taking it or not, and even the amount of pills or how I spaced them throughout the day. I knew this was real. I had so much energy, my postpartum bleeding was lighter and finished sooner than any of my other pregnancies, and I just felt wonderful.” -Debi

    “Sometimes it is hard for someone to self diagnose how they are “doing”. I asked my husband along the way if he felt that me taking the capsules had contributed to my moods being better. He readily agreed that there was a world of difference between how I was after this birth while taking the capsules than I was the first time.” -Kimberly

    From Brookie-Lee

    After hearing the praises of placenta encapsulation from several mamas who visit our store I researched the benefits. Although the concept of consuming my baby’s placenta in the raw form was not appealing to me, taking capsules is a fantastic alternative. With different obstacles in my life and the stresses that I face, postpartum can be a trying time for me. I try and create a bubble around myself that allows me the time I will need for the adjustment of a new member to our family.

    While I see a world of difference when I take my Vitamin B Complex I still suffered from the the Baby Blues with the birth of our third child. I hope to have Lilly Mason help us encapsulate the placenta for our new baby this spring. I look forward to using the natural hormones of the placenta for a happier, tear free babymoon.

    Washing Cloth Diapers

    The good news is it’s not as hard to wash cloth diapers as you may assume from an outsider’s perspective. There is no need for dunking or sloshing in the toilet. No reason to get your hands dirty at all!

    Washing New Diapers:

    All diapers should be washed at least once before used on baby. Prefolds and hemp inserts it’s recommended 8-10 times to reach their full absorbency potential. My theory is to wash and dry them 2-3 times with my normal clothes, use them on baby, and eventually they will have been washed 8-10 times. Hemp inserts have natural oils and need to be washed separately from the rest of your diapers 2-3 times.

    With a newborn washing is super easy! Throw your dirty diapers into the wash for a pre-rinse then a wash with a scoop of your favorite all natural, water soluble detergent. Follow with another rinse if you think it’s needed. Put diapers in the dryer on low/no heat and you’re done!

    Washing diapers with a newborn or breastfeeding infant:

    1) Pre-rinse on cold

    2) Hot wash with 1-3 tablespoons of natural detergent

    3) Final rinse on cold (optional)

    4) Dry on low heat


    Once your baby starts eating solids things change a bit. The stomach bacteria that helps babies digest their food comes out in their waste. Water soluble, non-residue building detergents do not have anything in their formulas to kill bacteria. So we need to add an extra step here. You have 6 options to fight bacteria: bleach, hydrogen peroxide, sunlight, Thirsties Prewash, Biokleen Bac-Out, and Funk Rock.

      a) Bleach is a carcinogen(causes cancer) and we do not recommend it. Bleach is not only unsafe for baby but it will also diminish the life and quality of your diapers. 

      b) Hydrogen peroxide is a safe alternative and I do a 50/50 ratio with water in my bathroom sink. I let a handful of diapers soak in the mix for 20-40 minutes, then wring out and do another handful of diapers to soak. Then I wash like normal. 1/2 cup in your wash for upkeep.

      c) Sunlight is a powerful combatant for naturally killing bacteria. Just lay your wet diapers in the sunlight to dry.

      d) Thirsties Pre-Wash is a newer option for killing bacteria and treating stains. Include in your prewash, then wash like normal.

      e) Biokleen Bac-out is a natural culture enzyme- basically it’s good bacteria that eats the bad bacteria and washes out of your diapers. You must spray this on your diapers and let it sit in the pail OR let it soak in your washer for a time(1/2-1 cup overnight). This works really well and we have a lot of parents use this method.

      d) Funk Rock is a new product recently released by Rockin Green in November 2010. Soak your diapers to get the funk out.

    Washing diapers when baby is eating solid food:

    1) Pre-rinse on cold (option a is to add bleach, option d is to add Thirsties Pre-Wash)

    2) Soak overnight (option b is with hydrogen peroxide, option e is with Biokleen Bac-out)

    3) Hot wash with 1-3 tablespoons of natural detergent

    4) Final rinse on cold

    5) Dry on low heat (or option c is to line dry to kill bacteria and whiten stains)

    Now there are also several ways that you can prevent stink build up in the first place. Disposing of the waste before you put it in your pail is a big help. You can do this with a diaper sprayer(think of a kitchen sink sprayer that attaches to the back of your toilet), or you can use a rice paper liner(they look like a dryer sheet) and put the waste easily into the toilet. Spray your poopy diapers with Biokleen Bac-Out so it kills bacteria while it’s in the pail. Also don’t let your diapers sit in the pail between washes for more than 2 days, 3 days tops. The longer they sit the bigger your bacteria issues.


    Charlie’s Soap is our personal detergent of choice. It’s got a bad rap in the cloth diaper world because it can react with hard water. You can add a water softener if that is an issue for you. Most people do not have hard water. Charlie’s gets my diapers and clothes super clean and I have not found any alternative that can hold up to it yet.

    Rockin Green is another great detergent. Beloved in the cloth diaper world and formulated especially for cloth diapers. This detergent is water soluble and does not cause build up in the diapers. #1 seller in cloth diaper detergent!

    Thirsties Super Wash is also formulated for cloth diapers and the reviews by parents have been great for this system. The bottle even has a built in measuring cup!

    bumGenius Detergent is a trusted brand in cloth diapering (a close sibling with Country Save detergent ;)). We have many customers who are repeat users.

    Soap Nuts is an all natural soap that gets raves from customers. It’s something that I plan to restock soon in it’s liquid tea form.

    Fighting Stains:

    The yellow breast milk poop stains will wash out after a couple of washes. If you don’t want to wait you can do a couple of things. Put lemon juice into your wash to whiten diapers, or lay out in the sunlight to naturally bleach them. I haven’t tested this but other online resources state that laying in the sunlight from your window works as well. Biokleen Bac-out is also suppose to help fight stains.

    Helpful Hints:

    Use as much water as your machine will allow.

    12-18 diapers at a time. Don’t overload the machine or the diapers won’t get clean.

    If you are using conventional detergent, only use a fourth of the recommended amount.

    Every once in awhile it’s useful to dry diapers with PUL on high heat to reseal any tiny holes.

    Tea Tree or Lavender oil can help defuse the smell from your diaper pail.

    A dryer ball in the dryer will help with static and dry your diapers and clothes faster!

    A water softener gets diapers cleaner.

    Don’t Do List:

    Do not use fabric softener.

    Do not use dryer sheets.

    Do not use bleach.

    Do not use conventional diaper rash creams.

    Do not dry diapers with PUL and elastic on high heat every time. This dramatically shortens the life of your diapers.

    Do not mess with vinegar and baking soda. It can throw off the PH in your diapers and is not worth dabbling in. Some people have success with it but I have heard too many unhappy stories that involve the use of these. It’s better to prevent and fix the problem than to try to treat the symptom.


    Been using conventional detergent and have major build up? A sign of build up is when your diapers are not absorbing, you have a stink problem, or baby is getting rashes. To strip your diapers do the normal wash cycle with detergent, then follow with another wash cycle using Dawn dish soap(yes it needs to be Dawn). Depending on your machine it will determine the amount you use. In my top loader I use about a quarter size amount of Dawn. It may be 1/4 of that for a front loader. Once the cycle is done you are going to rinse, and rinse, and rinse until the suds are gone. Fresh diapers again!

    Washing wool will be in a separate post in the near future.

    Please post replies below. My story may help some but your story may help others. Please share your washing routine! Have great details? Share and you could win a free bottle of Bac-out or Thirsties Pre-Wash!


    Vaccination Alternative
    So in my past Happybottomus newsletters I talked about Nosodes. At first I introduced them and mentioned a book that we sell in the store, The Parent’s Concise Guide to Vaccinations. In the newsletter I stated that Nosodes were a safer and natural alternative to vaccinations. I explained that Nosodes were the homeopathic version of a vaccine. And that was about all I said. I received many emails after that with moms asking for more information and asking where they could get them locally. And of course I received an email with someone upset that I was informing my mailing list that there are alternatives to allopathic vaccinations. I actually found that very interesting. Because there are very few things that I do in my life that are not alternatives to mainstream society. Educating parents about natural alternatives is what I do. Of course I’m going to share information on something that can improve the quality of life for millions of children.

    Nosodes are natural and healthy alternative to conventional vaccinations. Andy from Obrien Pharmacy and KC Holistic Centre was very kind and spent several minutes talking with us about Nosodes. Below are just a few that are available without a prescription:

    Vaccinosis Nosode Drops $14/ 2oz. Measels, Mumps, DpT, DtT, Rubella, Serum Anguillae, Tetanus, Serum Equine
    H1N1 Nosode Drops $18/ 2oz for prevention or cure.
    Virus Nosode Drops $15 Common childhood viruses.
    Flu Nosode Pellets based on this years strain $8 (80 pellets, 5 in the mouth 3x a day)

    Local Kansas City Naturlopathic Doctors who know about Nosodes
    Alicia Johnson, NMD website
    Farhand Khosh, ND website
    (Talk to your doctor about it. I asked Dr. Brooks about them and he said he’d research them. I’m thrilled. Ask your doctor, at your next visit, to research Nosodes.)
    Don’t take our word for it. Do your own research. Here’s some information to help you get started. Remember, past 5pm, you are the one taking care of your child, not your doctor. Knowledge is power.

    Doctors in Mexico City Cured 2009 Swine Flu with Homeopathy
    Doctor’s in Mexico used similar homeopathic treatments that worked in the 1918 flu epidemic with great results.
    Cuba uses Homeopathy- makes history, Nosodes 2008
    (2 Million treated, 10 infected, 0 deaths!)

    “Cuba goes through a yearly cycle of Leptospirosis epidemic, especially after the hurricanes flood the countryside…..The usual expectancy of infection even with allopathic vaccination would have been around a few thousand, with some deaths included.” www.healingcard.com
    In 2008, 2 million Cubans were given the homeopathic nosode vaccination treatment for Leptospirosis, only 10 were infected, no one

    A Mom Entrepreneur’s Chaotic Nest

    The life of a mom entrepreneur is a nest of chaos where housework is neglected for a moment of playing legos or snuggling through a cartoon.  Where priorities have to be established and reestablished on a moment’s notice.  Focusing on your child’s development and keeping aware of their needs and making changes to better there lives.  Being a parent is a huge responsibility and a full time job.  Taking care of a home where children live is a full time job.  And owning your own business is the type of career where you work 36 hours a day and get paid less than minimum wage.  So how the heck do you get it all done?  You don’t.

    Housework is the first thing to go in our family.  We’re just happy to get food cooked let alone clean up the kitchen and laundry piles up until we need clothes.  The children can’t be neglected and so motherhood and business merge.  Playing legos with my laptop next to me as I reply to emails.  Designing websites as I sit down for breakfast and chat about the plans for the day.  And most phone calls are made in the car on the way to drop the kids off or on the way to my store.  And the best time to work?  2am of course!  When the baby has finally gone to sleep and the house is quiet.

    The beginning of a new business is always the most time consuming.  Trying to get the process ironed out.  Establishing contacts and routines that best suite the business needs.  Training yourself and employees on what you want for the business.  And what do you want?  Who knows you are making it up as you go.  Often thinking of things for the first time as you face them.  Of course you had grand plans before you started but many of the mundane everyday details where not your focus.

    So when people stop and talk to me about how they couldn’t do what I do, my first thought is- “Well I’m not doing it either.”  My life is a chaotic nest.  And I know that once both business are strongly established we will be able to share the workload by hiring more employees.  But until that happens I don’t stress over a messy kitchen, or laundry piles, or less sleep.  My life is full enough of other stress.  And I’m thankful for helpful family and for moments of legos and snuggles.  I know that our lives will calm down and we will reminse on the beginning days.  Until then I will continue getting by and savor the special moments of being a mom entrepreneur.