Felt Ice Cream Cone Patterns

On February 12th, 2013 I am hosting a busy bag swap at my church in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  I’m super excited.  Already we have moms signed up for four groups!  Each group has ten people.  That’s 40 different busy bags so far!  That is super exciting to me because that means that I will have activities for my two little girls to keep them stimulated and occupied while I teach their older brothers during our homeschool days.

I’m in all four groups so far.  So I need to make four activities x10.  So I better get started.  For one of the groups I’m doing felt ice cream cones with pattern cards.  I found the patterns on this website for the cone and ice scream scoops as well as the pattern cards.  I minimized them to a more realistic and practical size and created this pdf if you would like to use it.  So the planning part was super easy.  I have tons of felt from past Christmas ornament swaps I’ve done so now it’s just cutting, cutting, and more cutting!  😀