Noah’s Ark Art Project

We are using The Bible Story series for our religion lessons right now.  The readings are perfect for my kindergarten and second grader.  They are short enough to keep their attention, long enough to teach the lesson, and interesting enough to hold their attention.  We are all really learning our Bible stories and I’m loving it.  I wanted to share some of the things we did with our Noah’s ark readings.  I read the stories to the children at bedtime.  I have their attention then and they seem to retain things better.  Then the next day we got out watercolor pencils and paper and drew an ark.  I think they did amazing.  And I printed off pairs of animals that they colored with color pencils and cutout to add to their ark.  They loved it and we all had a lot of fun.  I wanted to share with you the animal images that I put together.  Enjoy!

Noah’sArk2 (Click link or image below to open full size pdf)  The pdf version has strong lines and doesn’t look as pixelated as the image below.  I printed two of these and cut them in half for my four children.