Keeping a Home in the 21st Century

The newest generation of mothers spent their formative years out of the house 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. More so if they were involved in Girl Scouts, dance class, and/or sports, etc. They learned to wait in line, raise their hand to speak, and ask permission to use the restroom. If they fancied they may have taken a home economics class where they learned to make crepes and pajama pants. If they were ahead of the curve they took a finance class. In college they were taught to embrace the working world and to compete in all areas of the job market.  Society said a successful career makes you a successful person.

At no point did society prepare these young women to care for a household.  There were no classes on how to balance the unending tasks of being mother, wife, and homemaker.  Regardless of occupation, these tasks and duties are still theirs.  Many women have found themselves in a dark place of stress, fatigue, and depression.  Drowning under pressure from work, laundry, and screaming children.  No one is happy.  Even if a mother leaves the workplace and comes home full time she has never been taught how to run her household.  Selfish habits, feminism, and a lackadaisical attitude are ingrained into them.  They are lacking the virtues and self-discipline that the fore-mothers possessed.

The United States was created “…one nation under God…” asking “God bless America”.  Media has morphed society over time and now we are seeing these Christian foundations being shaken.  Children have grown up in these public factories without the skills to teach values, morals, or even faith to their children.  So what is the future for this dependent generation of workers?  Only time will tell….

Some people have caught a glimpse of the forest.  They see through the trees to what is happening in American schools today.  And guess what?  They want no part of it.  They’ve taken matters into their own hands.  Parents have access to more information online than ever before.  They are teaching themselves the lost knowledge that built this country.  The number of homeschooling families increased 74% from 1999 to 2007.  Parents are taking back their children and teaching them good character and ethics.  They are insuring their children’s future as independent, capable, free-thinkers.

So how are these women who have grown up in the public school system going to accomplish the goal of raising the next generation of brilliant minds?  By going back to classical education and reinforcing biblical virtues.  Using the internet to source curriculum and to connect with like-minded women.  Reading books on homeschooling, homemaking, and their religion.  Starting from scratch with helpful guidelines shared by the pioneers in the movement to raise a moral & just nation.

Books that I have found helpful in my personal journey to raise a happy, healthy, and wise family are: Birth- The Complete Book of Pregnancy & Childbirth, The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth; Children’s Health- Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, Natural Baby & Childcare, The Parent’s Concise Guide to Vaccinations; Education- The Underground History of American Education, The Well Trained Mind; Religion- Family Bible Study series, Discover the Scriptures; Homemaking- Nourishing Traditions, Large Family Logistics; Parenting- Strong Fathers Strong Daughters, Boys Should Be Boys, Raising Real Men, Large Family Logistics; Motherhood- 10 Habits of Happy Mothers, Large Family Logistics.

I’m currently reading Large Family Logistics by Kim Brennenman.  It’s the how to guide to manage a household.  Regardless of family size this is a great book.  It’s foundation is in the  Bible and it refers back to the Scriptures constantly to reinforce topics.  It explains daily and weekly chores, meal planning, homeschooling, and so much more.  It’s a complete how to guide on creating your own home management book for your household.  I’m so thrilled with it.  It has been very inspiring for me.  It’s the training that I missed out on while I was in public school.  I highly recommend it to the Christian mother struggling to balance homeschool, keeping house, happy children, and a happy mother.

Today I created this schedule and chore chart using the guidelines in the book.  It’s customized to our family but a great example for others reading the book.  I’m thrilled with it and excited to implement it tomorrow!

Large Family Logistics Chore Chart & Schedule- free download/copy:
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  1. You have no clue what a blessing you and your blog has been to us. Keep up the good work!