Mommy Moment Mondays Sept 3, 2012

Today I’d like to share a cup of tea with you.  I’d like you to sit back and relax in your chair while I warm some water on the stove.  We can hear the birds chirping outside the window, the sounds of children playing nicely in the yard, and the sweet smell of pancakes.  The water is warmed now and the steam billows out as I fill your cup.  You seep the tea bag into the steaming water and slowly stir it with a spoon.  Just enjoying the calmness of the moment.  Add sweetener and cream as you desire, mixing it all together.  Then you take that first warm sip and your body thanks you as you relax even more into your chair.  Taking deep, slow, purposeful breaths as your body and mind take these moments to prepare for the day.  Keeping your mind clear and just focusing on the beautiful moment.  A moment of calm, warmth, and peace.  As you empty your cup you find you have more energy for your day.  Your heart is lightened and warm with happiness.  You are ready for your blessed and productive day.


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