Gut & Psychology Syndrome

Allergies, diseases, being over weight…. there are so many health issues I see among my family and friends.  Breastfed infants with severe eczema, children with extreme mood swings, life threatening allergies to nuts and dairy, ear infections that burst ear drums, people with irritable bowel, or consistent constipation, chronic back pain, cancer.  Our world is filled with people suffering daily.  We have grown up on processed foods, genetically modified fruits, veggies, and grains.  We’ve been taught that dead, rotting milk and highly processed, bleached grains are the best for us.  Food giants have taken one of the best nutrient foods, eggs, and done everything they can to take out the pure nutrient goodness.  They take out the good, naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and replace them with synthetic vitamins that aren’t bio-available to us.  Our food system, in the U.S., has destroyed the goodness of food and giants like Monsanto are trying their best to destroy it completely.

So as a parent how do I make sure my children receive the best nutrients they can?  Well we do vitamins but vitamins are not as bio-available as what we find in whole foods.  So we turn to the whole foods, but genetically modified pesticide covered food causes it’s own issues.  So then that leaves organic, usually over priced, and quickly perishable.  It’s very frustrating and I’ve failed often in our attempts to go completely organic.  Cooking from scratch every meal is time consuming and you have to really be committed.  And with sports, dance, piano, scouts, and all the other activities that we have in our week our meals have to happen quickly sometimes.

So how do you make quick nutrient dense foods, that prevent and heal the diseases and allergies that we see in today’s society?  With a little planning, and eating more like ancient people, we can infuse our bodies with the vitamins and minerals that they are severely lacking.  Gut & Psychology Syndrome by Dr, Campbell-McBride is a great book that teaches us how to heal our gut so that our foods are not leaching into the wrong parts of our bodies, rotting, and causing our bodies to be toxic and vulnerable to diseases and allergies.  Bone broths, animal organs, and a small list of foods are allowed at first to allow the gut to heal and then slowly more foods are introduced as your body is whole and able to break them down.  The book is geared toward people with Autism, Dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Depression, and Schizophrenia.

bone-broth-445x300We are doing the GAPS diet at our house for several reasons.  To strengthen teeth and bones, to heal my gut and prevent toxicity, to increase energy and treat depression, and to loose weight.  Loosing weight was actually a side effect that we weren’t focused on.  My husband has been doing the GAPS diet for several weeks.  He isn’t following the stage one diet but more using the principles as a guideline in his meal planning.  He has lost almost 20 lbs in a month.  We strive to feed our children bone broth daily, and at minimum several times a week.  We give them liver, heart, or other organs during the week as well.  In small quantities, but it’s more than they’ve ever had before.  We purchased organic beef from a local farmer so our bone broth is super good for them.  Soup bones are actually very affordable.  You throw in some veggies, add sauerkraut juice and you have a very nutrient dense and healing food.

Here is a tutorial on how to make bone broth soup.  I like that I can put it on the stove and leave it for a long time.  And then I just store it in the fridge and use it as we need it.  Quick soups that are nutrient packed for my growing family!  We have started with bone broth soups, eggs every morning, eating organ meat a little at a time, and of course we have our raw milk and bi-products.  Don’t overwhelm yourself.  Start with one thing at a time and when you master that then add more.  Don’t be discouraged.  Do your best and that’s all anyone can ask.  Hugs.

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