2013 Fall Parties at Homeschool Enrichment!

We love our homeschool enrichment program.  Our boys attend every Tuesday from 9am-3pm.  It’s a Christian program where they go to six different classes throughout the day.  We pay tuition for them to attend.  They get to take a lunch or buy a hot lunch, make friends, and have a fun day of learning.  There are field trips(not on Tuesdays), class parties, birthday treats with friends, 2 music programs each year, grandparents day, field day, kindergarten graduation, and even homeschool 101 support classes for parents.  It’s been really amazing and we’ve loved it.

There is a fall class party and a valentines class party each year.  I’ve volunteered to coordinate or contribute for both of my boy’s classes for all their parties.  I enjoy participating and my boys love me doing it.  This fall I was the coordinator for Z’s party and I did the craft for Jax’s party.  Basically I had to be in two places at once.  I over volunteered this time.  Lol.  😀  It all worked out though.  Next time I will try to hold back and do something more manageable.

Jax’s 1st Grade Class

IMG_5863IMG_5867 IMG_5876


Z’s 3rd Grade Class


IMG_5857 IMG_5877


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