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Homeschool Mother’s Journal: September 14, 2012

My husband was in Florida this week!  I wish I could have gone but he was at a solar expo the whole time so it was all work and no play.  Not having him home turned mama’s world upside down.  My husband is my best friend and to be disconnected from him for a few days just sent me spiraling.  So I doubt we will hit our homeschool hours goal this week but I’m okay with that.  Sometimes life happens and you just have to let go.  Without my rock this week we did well just to get through the day.

Z(7yr):  My baby turns 7 tomorrow!  It’s so crazy but I am so excited for him.  I just got the eBooks for The Magic Tree House series, which he loves, and I think he will be ecstatic about.  I’m working on getting the audio books too, so that he can read along.  This week he constructed hats for himself and then his siblings from construction paper and tape.  It was awesome and so sweet.  Dad brought home solar robot kits so we are excited to play with those soon too.  Z has been asking to build a robot for a year now.  He loves crafts and projects.

Jax(5yr):  He rediscovered today.  It was awesome.  He read through the site for hours today while I worked with his brother.  I love hearing reading and phonics from the other room while we are doing grammar.  He also got out the big cats book and horse book.  He loves to look through the pictures.  Having these visual books is amazing for children.

Ty(3yr):  She is 3.  What can I say.  I’m struggling with all the whining and tantrums.  She’s had some kind of bug this week so her tummy has been hurting her.  So feeling unwell added to her whiny disposition.  She seems to be at the tail end of it so hopefully she will be much better this weekend.  Everyday she asks to do school with mom.  She’s cute and I love that thirst for knowledge, or at least participation.

V(1yr): Potty training is going amazing!  We still have accidents during the day but if we consistently ask her we usually don’t.  It’s when we get distracted and forget, that she will run into the bathroom and make a puddle in front of the toilet.  I’m totally cool with a puddle on the bathroom floor.  It means that she is aware and knows where to go.  Now if only mom could do everything at once.  My 17 month old baby girl is so cute in underwear.  The smallest size is 2T and she doesn’t have much of a tushie, so they fall down.  If you tell her to pull up her panties she gives herself a wedgie.  It’s hilarious.

Wordless Wednesday Aug 29, 2012

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