Happy, Healthy, & Wise

So in the last 6 years I’ve had four children, started two small businesses, sold one business, and closed another.  I’ve moved our household four times, moved both businesses once each, and short sold our first house.  I’ve worked a bagillion hours at times when I should have been sleeping, eaten horrible and convenient foods, stressed myself into a stomach laceration, upset my natural bacteria, and now I’m off the charts toxic.  Literally the scale is 1-7  and I measure in at an 8!  So what’s the next step?  DISEASE.  If I continue on this path of stress, junk, and sleep deprivation my body is going to say “Hey lady, we’re trying but we are running out of reserves, these bad cells are mutating and there’s no fight left in us.”

So what’s a mom to do?  Well a complete life overhaul!  I’ve gone through the cabinets, fridge, and freezers.  Gotten rid of all sugar and gluten foods in my home(HFCS was gone awhile ago).  Purchased wonderful fruits and veggies, and new flours that we’ve never heard of before- coconut flour and almond flour.  I’ve made batches of homemade butter, yogurt, and sour cream.  I started experimenting with new recipes and fought the urge to eat out.  I started researching about the things that we put in our mouth, what we should do for our bodies, and the small things that fulfill a person’s soul.

So with the close of my business, a highly toxic test result, and a new chapter in my life I am wiping the slate clean and discovering a simple life!  I hope you will join me as I search for happiness, health, and wisdom.  Below are the steps that I’m making to take back my life and regain my spirit!

  1. Looking Inside
  2. Reaching Out
    • Reconnecting with my husband & children.
      • Making our moments together count.
    • Establishing relationships & strengthening friendships.
      • Dinners & meetups
  3. The Ins and the Outs of Food
    • Extensive research into what the body needs and the best foods to get it.
    • Diet overhaul with more family meals at home.
    • Cleanse and detox program for mom and dad.
    • No more sugar, without the withdrawal.  Keeping the recipes that we love just changing the ingredients.
  4. Moving to the Music
    • To the gym for dad and yoga for mom.
    • Children in sports and programs where running is imminent.
    • Evenings of dancing till you drop to the oldies in the living room.
    • Road trip vacations of camping, hiking, and swimming.
    • Yard space to run, jump, and play.
  5. A Home is more than a House
    • Minimizing the clutter and clearing room for the heart.
    • Personal touches from each member of the family.
    • Green space to grow and breathe and connect.
  6. Creating…
    • …an urban farm:
      • Chickens
      • Gardening
      • Compost
    • …a thirst for learning:
      • Passion for books, history, and knowledge.
    • …a product of self expression:
      • website
      • quilt
      • photo album
      • t-shirts for the family
      • a cookbook to pass down

So my goal is to focus on my family, overhaul our diets, get us groovin to the music, create a cozy home, de-stress my life, figure out my priorities, rediscover my passions, and begin healing my spirit.  I need to learn to sit in the sunshine and enjoy my children’s giggles.  There is wisdom in knowing that a happy giggle creates a healthy life.


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  1. Wow… I love this whole post! It’s what my husband and I have been trying to do for the past year (I never thought of outlining it, awesome!!!) You are so refreshing to me, you are actually willing to change your life and not just complain about it. Your life is what you make it.