Urban Farming Part 1 of 3

Kevin and I have been working on our backyard this spring.  Moving a ton of dirt so that we can level off the yard to be useful.  We built a retaining wall/raised bed, we are cornering off the 3 chickens, and we are fencing off the dog.  We were able to setup the trampoline which has been SO great for my boys who are literally climbing the walls in our little 100 year old bungalow in Historic NE KC.  Now we are waiting for the weather to decide to really be spring before we plant our seedlings.  The retaining wall will be full of yummy food including strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, herbs, and so much more.  The chickens keep us in eggs and are super easy to care for.  They also supply us with great fertilizer!

We have a fire pit and we love to sit back there roasting brats and singing songs together.  The backyard project is very exciting for us.  The kids can’t wait until we get the sandbox installed under the trampoline(shade for the summer).  We have a front yard project that we will be doing too but….we have to wait for the funds to do it.  A little at a time.  😀  I will be posting more pictures once the seedlings are planted, the chicken fence is up, and the grass fills in.  And then another post in the late summer when the food is plentiful!


Our backyard.


Our backyard.


The side yard.


The chicken corner.


Piences of the trampoline that have been there for a year.


The wall is finished, just got to move all the dirt.


The ancient retaining wall holds up the alley behind our house. Neighbors peak into our yard.


Jaxon helping dad hold down the plastic.


Spreading the chicken compost on the raised bed!


The retaining wall filled with dirt and compost!


Chickens eating all the yummy bugs from the upturned dirt.


Diesel- our guard dog that sleeps with the chickens.


Burrying cinder blocks to keep the dog in.

Trampoline is up! Takes up half the backyard but it's worth it!

Kids love the trampoline!


Singing at the campfire after a hard days work. The kids are all jumping on the trampoline in the dark.


We replaced the crumbly back stoop and burried some stepping stones.


Kevin finished the side gate and we laid the stepping stones.


Side yard- gravel removed, dirt leveled, stepping stones laid out.

Trampoline is up! Takes up half the backyard but it's worth it!


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