Homemade Butter

Making homemade butter has never been easier with great appliances like a KitchenAid Mixer.  A gift from my dad 8 years ago my KitchenAid gets daily use at our house.  Below is a gallery of images of the process of making butter from local raw milk cream.  It’s super easy and I know exactly what’s in it.  Cream!  You can also add herbs and salt as desired.

Skim the cream off the top of your raw milk.  Put the cream in your mixer.  Mix on medium/high until whipped cream starts to solidify and then turn speed slower so the buttermilk doesn’t splash out.  Once the butter clumps onto your whisk remove butter from bowl and whisk.  Fill a bowl with ice cold water.  Massage butter into clear water to remove any excess buttermilk(it will keep longer with the uncultured buttermilk removed).  Refresh water and massage butter until water remains clear.  Then place butter on wax paper and you can add salt(will make it last longer) and herbs to taste.  Then shape butter and wrap in wax paper and store in refrigerator until ready to use.  Or store in butter dish for daily use.


Skim cream off the top of raw milk.


Mix on medium/high


Cream will start to thicken.


Soon the beginnings of whipped cream.


A beautiful whipped cream! Just add sweetner and put on any dessert!


Then the cream will start to seperate and solidify.


You can start to see the buttermilk.


The butter is starting to clump.


As you finsh mixing the smaller butter particles will stick to the mass on the whisk.


Almost done.


All that's left in the mixing bowl is the buttermilk.


Put butter in ice cold water to remove excess buttermilk.


Massage the buttermilk out.


Refresh cold water until the water remains clear after massage.


Shape butter and wrap in wax paper.


Homemade Butter — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks for the pics!
    Could you do a post about raw milk and why you choose it, where to get it, and your opinion of the reactions we as a society are having to “normal” “MILK”?

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  3. You are such a positive influence in our lives. Thanks for all you hard work and dedication to healthy and wholesome living…and sharing!

  4. I was wondering, this “buttermilk”. Is it the same thing you buy at the groccery store called buttermilk? I guess what I am asking is can I use what is left in the mixer in my sunday morning biscuits? Replacing my store bought buttermilk.

    • Only if you culture the cream before you make the butter. This video is of sweet butter so it’s really just skim milk that is left over. It’s perfectly fine to drink or use as milk in recipes. 😀