Cut out Aluminum

So there has been some controversy over aluminum in different products that we use on a regular basis.  Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s, attention deficit disorder, bone degeneration, kidney dysfunction, and even Parkinson’s disease.  Most of these aluminum containing household products that we use have toxic levels of aluminum.


For my husband and I, we switched our deodorant to aluminum free over a decade ago.  We spent years trying different natural deodorants and as a result we spent years being stinky by the end of the day or sooner if we had a good sweat.  Then I heard some mama friends of mine talking about the different recipes they use to make their own deodorant.  Recipes and processes similar to this one.  While the recipes sounded wonderful, I wasn’t interested in something time consuming.  So looking at the ingredients I just cut the recipe down to one ingredient.  Baking Soda!  My husband and I LOVE how well it works.  After we shower we will wet our fingers and get powder on the tips of our fingers and we will rub it into our armpits.  It lasts all day and night, and sometimes into the next day.  We no longer stink and it’s the shortest ingredient list we’ve ever tried!  We have not had any burning but some people may have more sensitive skin.  We use Arm & Hammer baking soda which does not have aluminum in it.

Baking Powder

Baking powder is called for in lots of recipes and one of the ingredients has been aluminum!  Instead of spending extra money on the “natural” version of baking powder I decided to make my own. I make a decent amount at a time and it takes a minute.

Baking Powder
Recipe type: Ingredient
Prep time: 
Total time: 
  • 1 part baking soda
  • 2 parts cream of tartar
  • 2 parts arrowroot powder (or potato starch, or tapioca starch)
  1. Mix together in storage container.


We have arrowroot powder on hand in place of cornstarch because we avoid GMO corn products.  Arrowroot powder is all natural and works great in all recipes that call for cornstarch!  And this baking powder recipe has worked great for us as well.  I also love knowing exactly what’s in our food and keeps us on the path of a healthy lifestyle.

If you eat more prepared processed/boxed/frozen foods or eat at restaurants it’s highly likely that it contains baking powder with aluminum.  Eating whole foods that you prepare yourself is the best way to protect yourself and your family from harmful ingredients and additives.  Many personal care items like lotion and lip balm also contain aluminum.  BUT don’t get overwhelmed.  Take one step at a time as you are on this health journey.  Today throw out your deodorant and put some baking soda in a container and put it in your bathroom.  Next week order some arrowroot powder from Azure Standard Coop or pick some up at your health food store and mix your own baking powder.  Next month try to switch out your lip balm for coconut oil.  Just take it nice and steady.  Don’t overwhelm yourself by changing everything in your house today.  Just becoming more aware and putting it on your mental to do list is a huge step toward a healthier future.


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  1. Hi! I am across your blog when searching for Natural Deodorants in Kansas. I am orginally from kansas and have co-founded a business. We also make a really effective all natural aluminum free deodorant. You can check it out I used to used the backing soda method too, it sure is a great one!