2012-2013 Curriculum

Vaylee’s Toddler Curriculum

  • To have fun!  Baby sign language, learning to talk, potty training, & social skills.

Tylea’s Preschool Curriculum

  • Letter of the Week and eventually the K4 packet too… my daughter is loving this program.  She likes the fun games and gets her notebook out for school time!

She will also have lots of craft time, puzzles, and playtime.  Ballet class too!

Jaxon’s Kindergarten Curriculum

  • Math:  Math-U-See Alpha…. this is so great and he loves to play with the blocks.  The visual with the blocks has really opened up math for my son.
  • Phonics:  Phonics for Reading and Spellingmy son is doing so great with this.  He has the first 72 phonograms memorized and he’s working through the harder ones now.  I’m so surprised at what a 5-year-old can retain!
  • Reading:  McGuffey Readers, CLE Readers, Biscuit, Dick & Jane, etc… Jax is starting with the Biscuit books and is doing great so far.  Once he’s got all the phonograms under his belt he will fly.
  • Religion:  Discover Book of Mormonthis program moves a little too fast for us.  My boys can’t memorize and retain these verses on a daily basis.  So I’m having to redo my process.

 The rest of the time he will be invited to join his brother’s lessons but will have the option to opt out and go play.  I suspect there will be a lot of creative time doing craft projects.  He will also play soccer in the fall and attends DHA 1 day a week.  Private piano lessons.

Zavien’s 2nd Grade Curriculum

  • GrammarFirst Language Lessons 1quick easy lessons that compound the information and the lesson sticks!
  • WritingWriting with Ease 1quick easy lessons that are perfect for an active boy.
  • Spelling Phonics for Reading and Spellingso far we’ve had amazing success with this program.  Z has the phonograms memorized and he is applying that to spelling which is helping him to decode words.  I love it!
  • Literature:  Classical House of Learning, Grammar Stagemy son’s favorite subject!  He loves to be read to, he doesn’t mind narrating the story back to me, and he loves to draw a picture about the story.
  • Reading:  McGuffey Readers, CLE Readers, Biscuit, Dick & Jane, etc…. reading at an appropriate level is so important.  I love the variety we do.  The McGuffey readers stretch and strengthen my son’s skills while the CLE readers help him gain confidence and fluency.
  • MathMath-U-See Beta…. Z really likes this program and completes his lesson timely.  It’s hands on and very visual.
  • History:  Story of the World 1who doesn’t love story telling?  This is great and I love the follow up questions with maps and coloring pages.  Not to mention the great book lists for the library and extra activities too!
  • Science:  Apologia Science Zoology 3 I’m not a fan of the kids journals that you can get but I like the books.  We read through the information and talk about the animals.  There are experiments which is great too.
  • Religion:  Discover Book of Mormonthis program moves a little too fast for us.  My boys can’t memorize and retain these verses on a daily basis.  So I’m having to redo my process.
  • Art & Art History:  Artistic Pursuitsmy son loves art so this is great.  It combines art history, samples of historic art, and a sampling of different mediums.
  • Music History:  Lives of the Musicianswe are just trying to give our children some basic history, let them listen to music from the composer, and inspire them as musicians themselves.

He also will be doing soccer in the fall, private piano lessons, and DHA 1 day a week.

Homeschool Library

Homeschool Library Must Haves

Supplement Resources:

Weekly Enrichment Program

Discovery Homeschool Academy(DHA)- homeschool enrichment one day a week.  All the fun classes that you liked in public school: PE, Art, Music, Spanish, Science, Social Studies.  We have class parties, field day, grandparents day, field trips and other fun activities with the fellowship of other homeschool families.  They also have homeschool 101 classes for parents that were great.

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    • No I hadn't. I just skimmed their website. It's like a hybrid private school where parents are pretty involved with the homework and class is only 3 days a week. Looks neat.

    • It's not technically homeschooling so I hadn't run across it recently. I think I may have been to the site once before when researching private schools for Z when he went into kindergarten. It's been awhile.

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