Day-in-the-Life in KC

Note: our wonderful checklist took all the whining out of our day.  Z knows what I expect from him each day and he loves checking off each activity in his quest for free time!  This was a must have for my child.  I’m sure that not all children need something like this but he really does and it has made a huge impact on how smoothly our day goes.

As part of the Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop this post is about a day-in-the-life at our house.  Really this post is a combo as I’m going to include our week last week.

Monday we started with our lessons and schedule and then at the last minute we decided we would join a homeschool meet-up at a local park.  Then we went clothes shopping for the season and ended with buying vitamins and veggies at the local health food store.

Tuesday we worked on our lessons for most of the day.  Focusing a lot on our Math and Reading.  And we ended the day visiting the Chiropractors office.

Wednesday we took the day off lessons and spent the day with grandma.  We went swimming at a local indoor pool with slides and other fun things.  Then we played with grandma and enjoyed our time with her.

Thursday was back to our lessons.

Friday was another great day of lessons.  Several days of schedule and lessons, but with some fun and spontaneity to keep things interesting.  A great way to ease back into a full school year.

August has a gentle schedule and busy September is just around the corner with piano, soccer, ballet, and enrichment to crowd into our time slots.  December will change things up with less activities but more festivities.  And I look forward to the calm and quiet that a new year brings.

Below is our daily schedule that I use as a fluid guideline.  Sometimes our quiet hour is longer waiting on my children to awake on their own and other days they burst downstairs once they hear the timer.  Sometimes math takes 1 hour and reading 15 minutes.  It just depends on the needs of each child.  I have curriculum that I believe in, a schedule to help keep me on a track, and intuition to follow the needs of my children.  And I’ve done the math and I know that we can afford some fun and spontaneity thrown in there at random and still meet the state requirements.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your day. We’re unschoolers in Australia and love hearing about other homeschoolers’ lives and meeting them as we travel!

  2. I like that your schedule is a fluid outline and that you don't hold yourself to it. That causes a lot of stress….and you're right, the work gets done. I stress myself every year and then of course they always get their work done and they always are progressing.

  3. I like that your schedule is listed as being a fluid outline. That is the best way to think of it. Otherwise there is so much stress from this false sense of being behind. I stress myself out every year over whether we are falling behind from my rigorous schedule…and we never do. All that stress for nothing. This year I hope to embrace the moments and enjoy the journey in our homeschooling.

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