Homeschool Mother’s Journal: September 7, 2012

Picking up Jax from 1st day of Kindergarten enrichment

This week was a big milestone for us.  My second child went to enrichment classes on Tuesday for the first time.  It was his first time to be away from mom and dad or family.  I have been working with him on “school” things and he is in Kindergarten, but there was never that pivotal moment until this week.  He got a new backpack, decided if he wanted the school lunch, mom took lots of pictures, and we left him.  He had a friend in his class that we’ve played with before, so that was wonderful for mom and dad to leave seeing him with his buddy.  And he loved it.  It was so good for him and makes the financial aspect of sending him so worth it.

Another milestone this week is that I’m tired of diapers.  So I’ve decided to put the energy into potty training my baby.  She was ready a long time ago and I just wasn’t ready to invest the energy to putting her on the potty 3 times an hour.  She’s doing great, and in another week I think she will be to the point of feeling awkward peeing anywhere but the toilet.  So that is really exciting for her and bittersweet for the cloth diapering mama that I am.  But it’s okay, 6 years of cloth diapering is enough for me.  I’m ready to move forward out of babyhood forever and into toddlerdom for the last time!

My oldest child is almost to the point of reading fluently.  I can feel it.  He’s feeling more confident.  He doesn’t get frustrated reading.  And he loves books.  I read to my children each night at bedtime from series like the Magic Tree house, Narnia, or the Kane Chronicles and they all love it.  I look forward to when he can enjoy that reading on his own and not wait for mom.  Right now we are working on preparing for his upcoming 7th birthday party.  He plays the Skylanders video game and that is our theme.  So since there is nothing on the market for that, we are going to be crafting and creating it all.  I will post more on what we do after the party so I have pictures.

And my third child is halfway through her terrible threes headed for the fearsome fours.  Getting enough sleep at night, a good nap during the day, and not being hungry ever are the keys to keeping preschoolers happy.  So when we have a late night, like last night, and she’s whining and crying as we are getting ready for bed, I take a deep breathe, remind myself that I could have prevented this by taking care of those basic needs, and get through it.  I don’t blame her, or title her a trouble child.  It’s my fault she’s up late, or didn’t get a nap, or I didn’t have a snack at 3pm.  Sometimes those things happen and that’s life.  But it’s not her fault and I shouldn’t be angry at her, or scold her, for her natural reaction to the imbalance.  But I do look forward to when she’s five.  Of course her little sister will be three at that point…..sigh.  😀

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