Z’s Skylander’s 7th Birthday Party

Z’s 7th Birthday Party was all about Skylanders!

Last Christmas my children got Skylanders and the Portal of Power.  A video game featuring unique characters with elemental powers.  In order to play with the character you have to collect each one.  Brilliant idea on the manufacturers part by the way.  My boys love it and get to play a couple times a week.  Z’s favorite guy is Slam Bam who has ice powers.  So he requested a Skylander’s birthday party theme.  So I went to the party store and guess what?  No merchandise for Skylanders.  Okay….  so I got online and searched.  I found Amy’s Party Ideas which had great ideas and I copied it.  I got together with Christina from Makes and Cakes and ordered the Portal of Power Cake and Sheep Cupcakes.  She was great to work with and it turned out awesome.  We played games that represented restoring the elemental powers and my son was thrilled.  It was a huge success with parents and children alike thrilled to participate.  Best of all I was able to give my planning happy son the birthday party he wished for.  I love that by simplifying my life and focusing on my children we can create memories like this one.  Happy 7th birthday my wonderful boy!

Elemental Activities:

  • Fire- Blow out the birthday candles.  (Eruptor)
  • Magic- Magician and magic show.  (Wreaking Ball)
  • Water- Use straw to use suction and keep shark at end of straw then race to finish line.  (Zap)
  • Air- Keep balloon in the air by blowing.  (Sonic Boom)
  • Earth- Play Frisbee.  (Dionrang)
  • Life- Scavenger hunt for pine cone, rolly polly/bug, stone, 2 types of leaves.  (Stomp Smash)
  • Tech- Use ball gun to knock down golden cans.  (Trigger Happy)
  • Undead-  Pop balloon with your bottom.  No hands!  (Chop Chop)


12 comments on “Z’s Skylander’s 7th Birthday Party

  1. You totally out did yourself! What a great party, for a very special boy!

  2. Jennifer Falk Kashar on said:

    How did you get the labels with your child's name on them?

    • bleeglaser on said:

      I’m a graphic designer so I used a standard image of the Skylanders graphic and modified it in Photoshop. There are people who will create these files for you. The link I have in the post does this. :D

  3. Jessica on said:

    I was interested in the water bottle labels as well. What link are you refering to?

  4. would like to do a party like this for my son.

  5. Carla Sloan on said:

    Where did you get the tree rings for the food displays?

  6. Carla Sloan on said:

    Where did you get the tree stump displays for the food table?

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  8. What a great party! What font did you use for your cute signs? Thanks! :)

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