Homeschool Mothers Journal: October 12, 2012

We had an awesome week this week.  We completed our checklist each day and got our hours in.  I was thrilled at our progress in our curriculum and the fluidity that we had in our days.  What helped in that, was me letting completely go of the structure and recognizing what subjects are better for the morning and what subjects are better for the afternoon.  I’ve decided that the schedule just doesn’t work in our household.  It just doesn’t.  Our school day starts anywhere from 9 to 9:45 am.  My goal always to start before 10am.  And we start our day with religion, next we do math.  And the amount of time that we do each subject totally depends on the children and their capability to complete the task or their frustration level.  For example Jax was so irritated about writing from 1-100 this week on his math worksheets.  So I had him do it correctly on a few and said if he did well I wouldn’t make him do the other two practices pages.  He was okay with that until his test where he bugged out about doing it again and dad showed him some tricks and he did his best ever.

I have been so focused on Z and getting him to a fluent reader that I haven’t spent as much time with Ty.  I will be printing off more material this weekend to really help her with activities during the day.  We have two of the programs from confessions of a homeschool mom that are great for her age.  Jax I’ve been working with and he gets frustrated when he can’t remember his phonograms when reading the Biscuit books.  It just takes practice, lots of practice.  I slow down or take steps backwards when he gets frustrated.  I want him to excel and not to psyche himself out.  I think it will be a huge boost for him once he moves on to the Dick and Jane books.  And baby Vay is a pistol.  She eats all our school stuff and wants to do school too.  Super cute but she’s feisty.  😀

Our normal order for the day is Religion, Math, Language Arts, History or Science, Literature, Art or Music, and Piano.  But sometimes I mix it up completely depending on the mood in the house.  We have a checklist that has to get completed.  Other than that requirement we make things work around eating, potty training, booboos, naps, and whatever else comes up during a day with four children.

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