Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the 5th Day

Oh Science, the bane of my homeschooling!  Teaching science is not my thing.  Math, history, literature, and art are all enjoyable and we do well at language arts although I wouldn’t call it enjoyable for me as a teacher.  Seriously having a beginner reader read to you …..is…..so….boring!  Granted you have many moments of gratification as you see them learning to read.  Anyway we have been struggling with science.  I’d fall asleep reading it during the day so we read it at bedtime.  Fitting in the experiments has not been a priority with a newborn and toddler in the house but we are changing that now that she’s almost three.  And really Science isn’t fun without the experiments.  So I’ve been searching google for ideas to help me teach our curriculum. We are using the Apologia course Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 and I really do like the curriculum.  I just discovered that they have an audio book for Zoo 1 and I will be ordering that ASAP.  I also compiled some bullets of resources below to help me improve our science study.

Zoology 1:

Journal & MP3– I adore audio for curriculum.  It means my children hear the story from an enthusiastic voice who isn’t falling asleep while reading to them.  It also means that I can spend some one on one time with one of my phonics beginner readers or preschooler.  The kids love the coloring books and creating their journals.  Low prices at Rainbow Resource.

Lapbooks– Kids love lap books and they help them retain the information.  A Journey Through Learning and Knowledge Box Central are the main two Apologia lap book suppliers.

Experiments list– Straws, cup, pen, cardboard, clay, tape measure, clear tape, scissors, construction paper, white paper, outlines of a bird, bamboo skewers, hanging wire, plastic bag, sunflower bird seed, wild bird seed, mesh bag, saucers, umbrella, cooking oil, feathers, magnifying lens, chicken bone, red & blue bowls, scale, string, real estate advertisements, cotton balls, pencil, deep bowl, square-inch math cube, blindfold, binder w/notebook paper, masking tape, strapping tape, paper plate, wax paper, plaster of Paris, paintbrush, tea bags, toothbrush, spoon, , table salt, paper towels, plastic container, jar, bug display box, sand, disinfectant wipes, cups, nail, cheesecloth, small boards, large glass jar, plastic bottle, jelly, honey, rubber bands, piece of sponge, square of toilet paper, small shovel, funnel, spray bottle, mail-in certificate for caterpillars, netting, colored pencils.  You can purchase Kits and here’s another website with kits for sale.

Pinterest Boards– We all love pinterest and it has proven so helpful in crafts, pictures, and videos to supplement the Apologia lessons.  Here are a few: carriehensler(awesome links), theartsychica, mamato3blessings, amnicolenissen.

Resource Lists– This is a great blog post with tons of free resources such as lap books, apps, and reading lists.  MyJoyFilledLife

Apologia offers many different science subjects for ages kindergarten through college level.  I’m sure I will do more posts like this in the future as we continue on our science journey.  This post is honestly a marker for myself.  Lol.  Hope you enjoy too!

When my children are old enough for the Apologia Academy we will probably do those.  Online video courses in real time with science teachers who can answer questions.  It looks amazing and knowing it’s an option has taken away my fear of teaching high school and AP science.


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